2 New Tools for the New Year

In Cool Ideas, High Tech, High Touch on December 31, 2010 at 6:40 pm

After experimenting with two new presentation tools — both w/in several Toastmasters venues and at the Mid-Atlantic Facilitator Network‘s DC-workshop series — it’s time to share a few TIPS with you here …

Tip / Tool #1: If you haven’t yet tried to give a pecha-kucha style presentation, then resolve in 2011 to at least attend a pecha-kucha event.  This approach to public speaking is based upon the rapid-fire feel of chit-chat.  Twenty images are shared with your audience with each image shown for 20 seconds.  Yes, this may remind some folks of your favorite aunt and uncle sharing photos from their “vacation in ___” using a carousel of 35mm slides back in the day.  But in pecha-kucha — when done properly — there’s a discipline and a time limit (6-2/3 minutes max) that can captivate your audience rather than put them to sleep.  Warning:  Practice makes perfect w/ pecha-kucha presentations.  Write a script, rehearse it w/ the slides, and then work from an outline to keep your next presentation conversational and fast paced.

Tip / Tool #2: Experiment with a PREZI style presentation.  This tool can help a facilitator, trainer, or instructor show the BIG PICTURE as well as zoom in or out to examine the details.  The navigation may or may not be intuitive to most viewers.  I’ve found that most times it’s a good idea to click on the MORE menu, expand to FULL SCREEN, and then run the AUTOPLAY feature. Alternatively you can start at the home position and then advance along a prescribed path — which is determined by the designer — using the ARROW shaped icon found at the bottom center of your PREZI window.  I’ve created a graphic resume here to illustrate.  It is based logos, a few photos, and a time line.

It is easy to envision many applications for pecha-kucha and PREZI.  Good luck with creating yours in 2011.

  1. Congratualtions John. We should talk about adding video and podcasts, mixing in some additional social media and, viola, you’ve got the receipe for success!


  2. John, your blog got my attention and interest in a prezi-type bio. My one question….who is your main audience? Will anyone older than 25 relate and check this out? Am I showing/sharing too old a perspective? Congrats on your launch….I know you will have continuted success in this new venture and life will share all forms of abundance with you as a result! With admiration and inspiration, Coach Cynthia

  3. Congratulations John on your new venture. May you find success, happiness, and joy in it. I love the way you put your ideas into action.

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