We have LIFT OFF!

In Facilitating Business on December 31, 2010 at 2:00 am

Starting a biz: It's not rocket science.

Every project, business, or new endeavor has first the inspiration followed by planning, followed by action.

It is almost time to launch my new web-site “” as well as this BLOG.

So resolution #1 for 2011 is to work w/ my daughter — the art & design student soon to graduate from SCAD — and “light the fuse.”

All systems are “GO.”  The countdown begins. 10, 9, 8, …


NEWS FLASH … We interrupt your blog viewing to announce … We not only have LIFT OFF — johnleskodotbiz is in orbit around the blog-o-sphere and sending probes into cyberspace.

Do pass the word.  There are ALIENS living among us.

Q: How can you tell who the aliens are and who are native to this social media?

A: You can’t.

… But if you know of anyone or any organization who needs to hire a facilitator w/ a sense of humor and who’s been helping high-tech and high-performing groups and teams succeed in their respective markets, suggest they visit www.JohnLesko.Biz and/or this blog.


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