Be a star! Or at least become a competent local TV spokesperson.

In High Tech on January 21, 2011 at 2:10 am

Today we find literally hundreds of channels accessible thru our local cable service provider.  And with a relatively inexpensive FLIP video camera and You Tube available to all, just about anyone who’d like to produce a TV show, can.

I’ve been lucky enuff to serve in various volunteer positions w/in Toastmasters International and to have successfully completed the advanced education and leadership program which Toastmasters International offers re: speaking on television.  Furthermore, our district is blessed with a team of volunteers who serve as producers and directors of literally dozens of shows which air via COMCAST’s cable access station.  Note: Appearing on television and doing well enuff for your neighbor to recognize you and tell you you’d done a good job — Well, remember that local TV is a ‘team sport.’

The television show in our district is entitled “Mastering Business Communication.” This show features various local businesses and given that local Toastmasters have organized this program, we routinely call upon our members to speak about issues affecting Toastmasters, local opportunities, how to prepare for job interviews, etc.  You can fast forward to the 7:30 and 21:40 ‘marks’ to view my performance as a panelist and then being interviewed solo.

So why is this important?  We know that there will be no Emmy nominations for my work here.

What ‘lessons learned’ or TIPS can be shared from channel 3, 28, or 993?

Low budget community access television offers both opportunity and challenge.  Opportunities are plentiful for just about anyone to go on camera and speak about their business, advocate for a cause, or share helpful hints or lessons learned.  Challenges arise when you discover that …

  • No, there are no teleprompters available for you to simple read your speech using a script.
  • No, there are no crew members available to create or shuffle CUE CARDS that may help you w/ at least an outline of your speech.
  • No, you don’t have the luxury of taping and re-recording w/ multiple ‘takes.’

So what are you to do?  Innovate!

The value of good programming

Educational programming at the club is critically important.

Closing the Sale

PROs stay on time, strive for WIN-WIN, and C.L.O.S.E. the sale

For example create posters using your graphic facilitation skills that can be posted off-camera and that help you see the big picture, highlight your key speaking points, allow for you to ad lib, and yet still stay on-time.  Such visual ads allow for you to speak in a conversation tone and appear conversational in your delivery.

These two un-conventional CUE CARDs are unrelated to the show mentioned above.  They are however the two posters / cue cards I used on January 19, 2011 for a program which will air in the near future.  These two posters contained enuff material that I was able to speak for approximately 10 minutes on-camera.  (Click on the image to expand it for easier reading.)

And finally, as soon as the show is available, I promise to post the URL in this blog to share the speech which resulted from these notes.  Kudos to the D27 MBC team.  Anything that went well is directly a result of their super support.  Anything that seems to fall short of the mark can be traced back to yours truly.  So stay tuned.

What’s the bottom line?  Should you desire to become a “TV star,” do seek out local opportunities and be creative.  Good luck!


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