Community access TV and YouTube bring video to all who seek to ‘become a star.’

In Facilitating Business, High Tech on February 6, 2011 at 8:41 pm

A few weeks ago — visit the archive and see my post from January 21, 2011 — I suggested that anyone could become a star or at least a competent local TV spokesperson.  I also shared copies of the two poster-style cue cards I placed just below the camera lens allowing me to keep pace with my speech and not forget my material.

Well this show is now accessible thru VIMEO.  The entire show is found at and if you have 30 minutes I suggest you might watch it.   But if you’re interested in seeing yours truly, advance the tape to the 10:15 “time hack” you’ll learn more about “the Importance of Club Level Programming” and how to “Close the Sale” at a Toastmasters’ meeting.

Remember that when you focus on “WIIFM-HD” — What’s In It For (the) Member – Highly Distinguished — you will be more likely to convert a prospect into a new member.   Focus on the benefits of membership.  Tailor your message to meet the prospect’s needs.

Don’t worry about winning a Golden Globe or a daytime Emmy.  Look for opportunities to use community access TV or web-based video to advance your business and share your message.


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