In Facilitating Genius on March 12, 2011 at 10:34 pm

What do you do to maintain balance in mind, body, and spirit?

What do you do to renew your energy, recharge your batteries, and/or refresh your spirit?

Are you one who has one, two, or more books that you’re reading at any one time?  When was the last time you participated in an educational workshop or enrolled in a college class?

Do you maintain a membership at the local health club, gym, or fitness center?  Do you watch what you eat and exercise regularly?

Have you made time for meditation and/or worship?

This week was a very busy week with multiple projects, several clients to serve, and deadlines to meet.  Yet there was also time to read on the train while commuting, attend an aikido seminar, visit the local chapter of the National Speakers Association, attend a Toastmasters meeting, and reflect on a few passages from my favorite wisdom literature.

Do you invest 5 or more days per month in self-development?  2-4 days per month? 1 day?  2 hours?  Are you ‘sharpening the saw’ so that you’re more effective in the mental, physical, and/or social-emotional challenges you face?

Mind-body-spirit — Spend time in each of these critically important areas of your life.  You deserve it.  You’re worth the investment.


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