National Volunteer Week = April 10-16, 2011

In Cool Ideas on April 2, 2011 at 6:44 pm

National Volunteer Week = April 10-16, 2011

Earlier this week my wife and I stumbled upon a television show — officially titled: ‘All Together Now: A Celebration of Service’ — that honored volunteers who’d given freely of their time and talent as volunteers. This event was organized by the Points of Light Foundation but it acknowledged how every US President has supported volunteerism of one form or another and how helping one another knows no politics.

Former U.S. Presidents Carter, Bush ’41’, Clinton, Bush ’43’, and current President Obama (via teleconference) each contributed to the show with statements in support of volunteer public service.  Of course there were a number of entertainers who also appeared on this show.  And one joke that stands out from others that night was when Reba McEntire explained the difference between public service (what honorable people do to help their neighbors) and community service (what celebrities must due to keep from become neighbors with those in jail).

So what does this have to do with facilitation, team-building, and/or public speaking?

Well, we gain experience in many ways.  Skills are honed on-the-job, through public service in the military, by volunteering within our communities, and even by what we learn to do in our hobbies.  April 10-16, 2011 is NATIONAL VOLUNTEER WEEK.  There’s no better time to seek out some way to help others and also help yourself by sharpening your skills in a volunteer program near you.  Google “public service” or “volunteer service” plus your city, town, or county.  You may find an opportunity just down the street that’s perfectly aligned with your interests and skills.  Good luck.



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