Birds of a feather flock together.

In Cartooning, Facilitating Business, High Touch on April 23, 2011 at 7:47 pm

How do race &/or multiculturalism affect the workplace?

One of the most memorable events for me at the International Association of Facilitators North American 2011 Conference (IAFNA 2011) was a lunch-time activity called ‘Birds of a Feather.’  During this meal folks would sit with people interested in discussing a shared topic.  Topics varied from table to table ranging from “Volunteers for the 2012 Conference” to “Facilitators wanting to learn more about becoming a certified professional facilitator (CPF).”  Some groups flocked to tables discussing facilitation techniques such as “Appreciative Inquiry.”  Others gathered with like-minded birds to chat about recruiting youth into our profession -or- they “shared a method” with the understanding that others at that table would reciprocate with a tool or method that worked for them.

I was interested in hearing others opinions on the importance of race and multiculturalism in today’s organizations, communities, and the work place.  Above is a one-page comic focused on an interesting aside: “Does race matter in cyberspace and in social networks?”  The more emotionally charged or intimate issues discussed that day over lunch will remain confidential.  Kudos to my peers who spoke freely about their personal experiences with discrimination and how they dealt with prejudice or misperception.

Do birds of a feather flock together?  And why is the twitter bird blue?


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