LINCHPIN now available in paperback

In Cool Ideas, Tips re: Professional Development on April 30, 2011 at 6:42 pm

Here's a 4-part video worth watching. Cost = buy LINCHPIN. is where you’ll find Part 1 of the 4 part video from Seth Godin’s “Road Trip to Chicago” in 2010 … See also and click on his head to visit his blog. You’ll find the not-so-secret password to this video on his site. All this generosity is a result of the promotion for the paperback version of LINCHPIN. I bought the book and encourage all who resist listening to the lizard brain to read this work soon.

Since this book is now available in paperback, it’s a pretty affordable investment in your self development.  This is a guide for all who aspire to become indispensable.  This is a book for all who do remarkable work.  This is a book for those who ‘ship.’  This book may just kick start a revolution.  So if you lead a Tribe or aspire to, make some time for the book and this video.

Okay, you now you know that I’m a fan of Seth Godin.  In future blog posts let’s explore what it means to be a linchpin as a facilitator?  What does it mean to be remarkable?  And what does it mean to ‘ship’?  Stay tuned.


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