Sketch it. Hang it. Live it.

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There are all sorts of products available for those of us who are visual thinkers.  A few years ago I stumbled upon a workbook called “The Personal Compass” available from the GROVE store.  A few months ago a good friend of mine was wrapping up her certification on the use of a similar set of mind-maps or templates called “SHIFT It.”  And just a few weeks ago while at the IAFNA 2011 conference, I participated in a workshop focused on creating your own such templates and tools.

Visual metaphors are powerful.  They helps us remember and learn from the past, see the present, and envision a better future.  Much has been written and said about the relationship between MIND-BODY-and-SPIRIT.

Use this template when you need to sketch out a mission-critical task.

Here is a simple template that helps map the connections between our HEAD-HEART-and-HANDS.  Feel free to use this image when you need to sketch out your plans for a MISSION CRITICAL task or assignment you’re about to take on.

Once completed or filled out, hang it where you’ll see it on a daily basis to remind you of your goal and supporting objectives.  Then live it by engaging your ‘muscle’ where you get your hands dirty and/or you begin to ‘walk the talk.’


What are you thinking?


Why do you feel this is important?


How are you going to accomplish this task?

Good luck!

  1. Hi John.
    Check out “The Primes” from author Chris McGoff’s recent book – he is the founder of The Clearing and Touchstone before that. We created a graphic a while back called Head, Heart, Wallet that looks very much like your template. 🙂

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