A Better Icebreaker

In Cool Ideas, High Tech, High Touch, Tips re: Professional Development on June 26, 2011 at 12:44 am

How many times have you found yourself at the start of a meeting when the leader suggests that, “we quickly go around the room and introduce ourselves”?

And then how many times were you able to remember the names, titles, organizations, expectations, and/or intentions of any of your fellow participants?

If you’ve answered “oh-too-often” to the first question and “oh-too-seldom” to the second, then by all means, read on.  Better yet, consider printing this 3-page cartoon and try this technique for an oh-so-much better icebreaker activity the next time you’re asked to facilitate or lead a meeting.

How to BREAK THE ICE w/ PURPOSE_page 1 of 3

How to BREAK THE ICE w/ PURPOSE_page 2 of 3

How to BREAK THE ICE w/ PURPOSE_page 3 of 3

KUDOS to Lonnie Weiss, CPF, and Nancy Aronson, Ph.D., for their superb workshop on meeting design shared with members of the Mid-Atlantic Facilitators Network.  And for anyone who might be interested in continued professional development as a facilitator, do join the International Association of Facilitators and/or a regional guild such as MAFN.  Consider also becoming “connected” via one of the facilitation-related Linked In discussion groups (a.k.a., a cyber community of practice).

Finally, if you’d like to see more “How To” cartoons in future blog posts, comment below with any special requests.  Thanks in advance.  And good luck with your next “icebreaker.”


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