Everyone’s 2nd Choice

In Cool Ideas on July 12, 2011 at 1:17 am

What can we learn from decisions made during a family vacation?

Where do you go when one person desires a true adventure or extreme experience, another prays for a break from the kitchen with gourmet meals prepared by a master chef, and a third person longs to be pampered and waited upon hand-and-foot?

Complicate this trip with the need for activities suited for family members ages four to eighty years young.  Further complicate the process by factoring in the needs and wants of four (or more) families.

Sometimes the final solution becomes everyone’s 2nd choice.  Discussions must include options.  Competing excursions are considered, weighed, and measured.  Compromises are made.

Will everyone be 100-percent satisfied everyday?  Probably not.  Will everyone have a story to share when the families re-assemble over dinner?  Probably so; with an occasional funny story or tall tale shared that uncovers how folks adapt and make the best of the day’s challenges.

There are lessons to be learned even while on vacation.  Of course keeping an open mind and a cooperative attitude help.

So where did my extended family go for our most recent vacation?

(Click on the image below to enlarge it.)

Everyone's 2nd choice can become a winning solution for all.


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