On branding, re-branding, and a seance with a visionary

In Cartooning on August 17, 2011 at 8:06 pm

This is a post for my Toastmaster friends and anyone asked to assist or facilitate a branding or re-branding project. 

Background:  Over 1,000 messages were posted to “The Official Toastmasters International Discussion Group” on the topic “TI Rebranding is announced” on the social network Linked In.  This may have been the single-most popular discussion item ever.  Most folks agree that branding is important.  Most folks would agree that to own a brand that sets you apart from all others is truly a competitive advantage.  Those interested in the specifics of the TI rebranding project  can go to the official web site and read all about it for themselves.  

Surrender to the Discipline  (What might Dr. Ralph Smedley think about re-branding?)

Note:  I did not engage in a séance with TI founder, Dr. Ralph Smedley.   And for those who understand less French than I do, a séance  is an attempt to communicate with spirits or the dead.


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