Various Thoughts on Labor Day

In Facilitating Business, High Touch on September 5, 2011 at 9:09 pm

Many in the USA are enjoying a long weekend marked with picnics, time spent with family and friends, or household chores completed on the unofficial end of summer. The Lesko household is definitely a non-union shop. I found myself moving furniture, re-organizing my office, establishing a studio space downstairs where my daughter once stored her art projects, mowing the lawn, and (toward the end of the day) reading the newspaper about various politicians outlining how they were going to kick-start our economy or on how their ideas were better than another candidate’s.

Found via a Google search on "Labor Day" and listed as "Free Clipart/Labor Day Weekend Cartoons"

And if this comic doesn’t get you thinking, consider checking out Seth Godin’s blog at

Facilitators many times are asked to work with senior executives who may be dealing with critical decisions that range from outsourcing jobs to determining the budget for employees’ continued education. How will you deal with these issues and maintain a neutral or unbiased outlook? And if you have family members or friends who are presently unemployed, is it fair or even possible to keep these individuals’ unemployed status out-of-mind?

You’ll excuse me. I’ve got to get back to my HONEY DO list. It seems my wife and daughter have a few more non-tradable jobs for me to do before reporting to work tomorrow.  Please do share your thoughts on LABOR DAY and our obligations as facilitators when faced with such laborious challenges.


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