Steve Jobs (1955-2011) R.I.P.

In Facilitating Genius, leadership on October 6, 2011 at 1:59 pm
Steve Jobs (1955-2011) R.I.P.

He revolutionized …

– personal computing (think Apple, Macintosh, or iBook)

desktop publishing (think of the iMac in the hands of a graphic designer)

– education (think Apple IIs / iMacs in our schools)

– the animated film industry (think about Pixar, Toy Story, or Little Nemo)
– the world wide web (think about a NeXT computer in the hands of Sir Tim Berners-Lee)
– the music industry (think about your next download from iTunes)
– exercise and fitness (think of your treadmill and jogging w/out your iPod)
– commuting (think of all those people w/ an iPhone or iPads being used on the train or bus)
Yes, Steve Jobs encouraged us all to “Think Different.” 
And for this we must say, “Thank you.  Rest in peace.”

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