On first impressions

In High Touch on November 8, 2011 at 4:32 pm

We all know that first impressions carry a lot of weight.   Once we have an impression of someone or something, either positive or negative, we tend to believe it.   And for good or for ill, beliefs don’t change easy.  Consider the following scenario …

(Jason, a young person taking my order, at a well-known fast-food restaurant):  “Welcome to _____.  What would you like for breakfast?”

(Me): “How much for a small cup of coffee?”

(Jason): “A small cup will cost you $1.65 but I can sell you a SENIOR CITIZEN’S cup for 50-cents.”

(Me): “Do I look like a SENIOR CITIZEN?”

(Jason): “No sir, I’m not going to card you.  I just thought you’d appreciate the discount.”

(Me): “… Well, that’s the first time anyone has offerred me a SENIOR DISCOUNT, Jason.  I’m not sure I like the idea of being called old, prematurely.”

~~~ Hmmmm, I wonder which badge or pin I should have worn that day ~~~






Are you conscious of your first impression?  What (if anything) do you do to combat the urge of making snap judgments?  Sometimes — particularly when another has given you a discount (deserved or not) — the proper response is simply to say, “Thank you.”

  1. not sure who the message is for — you or the server?

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