On the Back of a Napkin or on an iPhone

In Cartooning on November 19, 2011 at 9:10 pm

Recently I had the splendid opportunity to lead a workshop for the Mid-Atlantic Facilitators Network in Washington, DC.  The focus for this workshop was to demonstrate that a picture is in fact worth a thousand words and that by integrating simple line art, doodles, and/or stick figures into your toolbox one becomes a more effective group facilitator and/or problem-solver.

MAFN Workshop Nov ’11 (<– Click here for select pages from the student handout.)

My lesson plan was inspired by the works of Dan Roam (author of The Back of the Napkin) and David Sibbet (author of Visual Meetings).   Each and every workshop participant was armed with a felt tipped marker, pencil, or ball-point pen and a stack of napkins.  Participants worked individually, in pairs, and in small groups of four-to-five where they discussed their art work.

A peek at a few select images can be found below.  To learn more of future workshops — both face to face and those offered on-line please do click here –> MAFN.  And for a short 2-minute slide show of all images shared during the groups gallery walks see:

Instructor and student images from the MAFN DC workshop on Nov 18, 2011.

More workshop images.

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