Here’s a HOW TO comic strip on meeting in OPEN SPACE

In Facilitating Business, Facilitating Genius, facilitation skills, High Touch, How To, leadership, Open Space Technology on December 18, 2011 at 8:50 pm

In between the office parties, last-minute trips to the shopping mall, and time spent on projects that absolutely must be done before the holidays; I made time to participate in the Mid-Atlantic Facilitators Network December DC workshop on OPEN SPACE TECHNOLOGY.  There are many settings where OST may be the ideal approach.  Consider for example the following:

a) You’re thrown into a quickly organized meeting of your peers or other professionals, all of whom are very good at what they do and perhaps believe they don’t need the services of a facilitator.

b) You’re asked to work in a community project where stakeholders are many and leadership roles are unclear.

c) You’re thrown together in a “crisis” situation and must come up with an ad hoc team or work group that must solve the problem directly.

We in the Washington DC area were lucky to have Paul Curci serve as our workshop leader on December 16th.  Below is a two-page HOW TO comic strip that summarizes the workshop and outlines a few of the fundamentals of Open Space Technology.

Page 1 of 2: OST How To Comic Strip

Page 2 of 2: OST How To Comic Strip

PS: If you’ve not yet experienced working in an OST-based meeting, resolve in 2012 to do so.  Consider this blog post a holiday gift.  Resolve to continue with your professional development in 2012.



  1. Open Space meetings are very popular these days in technical circles. I’ve attended three instances of an annual Ruby programming “unconference” done this way (RubyDCamp).

    • Thanks for your comment. Open Space Technology has been around for decades and it seems to have caught on in some communities and not so much in others. Why do you think that w/in technical circles this is so?

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