The truth shall set you free

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It is said that the truth shall set you free.  But what is the role of a facilitator when faced with having someone uncover a falsehood, a logic fallacy, or a distraction from the truth?  How should a facilitator react when a member of the group is approaching a slippery slope, has made a hasty generalization, or places the burden of proof on another member in the group?  How do you deal with circular logic, the use of prejudicial language, or react to the pressure that comes from a premature conclusion when someone jumps on the bandwagon using the ‘voice of the people’ as evidence?

KUDOS to Ayme Pointer for leading a spirited discussion at the Mid-Atlantic Facilitators Network workshop held on 2-24-2012.  And for those who couldn’t make this event or are not yet members of MAFN, here’s a one-page summary of the “Logic and Reasoning in Facilitation” event.

The Truth Shall Set You Free


Click here for a PDF-version of this image –>Logic and Reasoning MAFN Feb 2012

Hope to see you at the next MAFN workshop.  Details are found here.





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