Design Alchemy

In Cool Ideas, Facilitating Genius, How To on February 29, 2012 at 5:07 pm


We live in a multi-disciplinary world where many if not most of today’s problems are truly ‘wicked problems.’   

Solving these problems will require the collaborative inputs of many subject matter experts: project managers, marketeers and sales personnel, engineers, technologists, scientists, ethicists, and perhaps even an alchemist trained in group facilitation. 

Design and design thinking are red hot topics in today’s universities and also in today’s best companies.  How will we best innovate, differentiate, and communicate a new design and/or new approach to creating tomorrow’s products and services? 

What are the elements of design thinking?

Imagine the products or services that such thinking may yield as we systematically apply our design alchemy.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and a metaphor is worth a thousand pictures.  

(KUDOS to Andrea Yip for her version 1.0 seen above)

  1. John,

    I’m delighted that you’ve shared this — Many thanks! And you have posed a great question above. Figuring out the ‘elements’ of design thinking has been an interesting adventure for me in the research I am doing: I’d love to see what new elements people will add, subtract or change to the table.

    Expect an email from me shortly too as I really appreciated the comments you left on my blog!


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