All tips are appreciated. Thank you.

In Active Listening, Customer Service, elbow grease, Facilitating Business, High Touch, How To on March 5, 2012 at 3:10 pm

Whoa! Check out the line in front of the local Starbucks.

 Have you ever wondered why so many people line up nearly every morning to pay what some folks claim are premium prices for a tall cup of coffee and a scone?  I know that I have nearly each time I pass by my local Starbucks. 

Have you ever wondered what exactly is in that latte?  Are these folks “nuts”?  Are they addicts?  Or is there something else to be learned from companies such as Starbucks?

Hmmmm … So if you’d like to have people queued up in front of your store front ready to open their wallets and pay you for seemingly pedestrian goods served with a friendly smile and human touch read on.  And if you’re in the professional services industry, take a tip from from me and pause to study the grounds upon which client satisfaction is built.

Because … “L.A.T.T.E.” stands for the following: 

Listen. Do you concentrate on what your clients or customers say for understanding, tune out distractions, and not interrupt?
•.Apologize. Can you express understanding and empathy for your client’s or customer’s experience or perception?
Take responsibility. Do you promise to accept ownership of your client’s or customer’s issues, and personally commit to their satisfaction?
Take action.  Do you become your client’s or customer’s advocate to address, resolve and satisfy their concerns?
Easy feedback.   How will you keep your clients or customers informed and communicate transparently?

Oh yeah … There’s no obligation to tip your facilitator-coach.  We appreciate you dropping by to read today’s blog post.  Besides, your satisfaction in my business is job one.  It’s important that you come back to visit again.  Please do comment below if you like what’s being served.

That said … A few coins or a bill slipped into the “good karma jar” are greatly appreciated by this aspiring business-best-selling-author, consultant, and part-time barista.


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