On the alignment of “lucky stars”

In Alignment, Communication, elbow grease, High Tech, High Touch, leadership, Luck on March 19, 2012 at 5:20 pm

Venus and Jupiter March 2012

A neighbor and good friend of mine the other night pointed up into the sky and said, “Check out Venus and Jupiter.” 

So I just had to ask, “How do you know that’s Venus and Jupiter?  Are you some sort of astronaut or astronomer?”

He quipped, “Well, I am an officer in the Air Force and we do rule the skies.”

We laughed about this corny joke and he went on to say something about this alignment being called the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter.   So I pulled out my iPhone and captured the image seen here.  Later I dropped the  jpeg-file into some slideware, add a few labels, arrows, and a photo credit … And voilà!  We’ve got the subject of today’s blog post.  But what is it about unseasonably warm weather  in mid-March and/or the alignment of “two stars” that captures our imagination?  What makes us feel that this sign in the heavens may bring us good luck?

Julius Caesar wasn’t so lucky on the Ides of March.  And if you’ve been following the economic news of countries such as Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain you’d have to ask, “Just how lucky are those stars?”  And if the whole story be shared here, I was recently at a party and overheard someone say that St. Patrick is needed still in Ireland — to round up a few snakes who’ve plunged their economy into the state it’s in.  Excuse me, I digress or perhaps that fellow was spreading a little Blarney.

So what’s the point and how is this all related to the focus of this blog?

Facilitators, discussion leaders, managers, and others are many times faced with explaining or helping groups discern between matters of fact (science) and matters of opinion (based on superstition, the reading tea leaves, or the alignment of the stars).  How do you deal with the irrational or the superstition?  How do you account for luck and its role in decision-making?  Please, if you’ve read this far, do comment on this post.  And if you’re interested in my thoughts …

Well, one of my favorite quotes on the alignment or conjunction of work and luck has been attributed to our Third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.  He said …

“I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”



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