The Best Toastmasters Club in the Entire Universe

In Communication, leadership, Toastmasters on June 30, 2012 at 7:44 pm

A cake, a mural, a couple … what do these have in common?

Food, friends, and fame … What do these have in common? Things shared by members of the Lake Ridge Toastmasters Club.


Visit, and click on the FIND a club button to locate a club near your home or workplace.  The go visit this club.


The gauntlet’s been dropped.  Read on!

On the last day of the Toastmasters’ year there are literally hundreds if not thousands of clubs world wide vying for position within this international organization for recognition of individual and club achievement.  What is it about becoming the very best in any endeavor that stimulates and motivates us?

Volunteers hustle to submit award applications before the midnight deadline in organizations such as Toastmasters.  District leaders track club-level progress on metrics contained in what’s called the Distinguished Club Program.  Bragging rights are earned by all who meet and exceed their goals.

And then there are a fistful of very special clubs that year after year score a “perfect 10.”  They achieve all ten DCP goals and then they go above and beyond what most other clubs achieve. For example, in the 20 year history of Club 8913, 7 members have worked their way along the leadership track w/in the Toastmasters educational program to be elected district governors.  Two members were elected as International Directors.  Two appointed as Region Advisers.

If Toastmasters International is “where leaders are made,” then Lake Ridge is where this tagline has become a mantra for many of the most dedicated members on this planet and most likely across the entire universe.

Please let me know if you agree or disagree with this proclamation.  If you know of a club that matches or rivals the achievements of Club 8913, comment below.  And if you’re ever in the greater Washington DC area on a Wednesday night, drop in for a visit and see  for yourself if I’m exaggerating or merely stating facts.


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