“There I was …”

In Cartooning, Communication, facilitation skills, Toastmasters on July 7, 2012 at 7:45 pm

Just before the July 4th holidaze and at the start of what seems to be our “2012 hell on Earth” heat wave, I and a roomful of my closest professional friends had the opportunity to learn about how the art of personal storytelling can improve ones business.  Like many other memorable events, this story began with “There I was …”  and ended up in a pub with the re-telling of a few stories of super-human achievement.

I hope those that follow this blog enjoy this visual artifact from a most impressive workshop led by a world champion.

To my pal, David Ross and his friend, Carolyn — Cheers!  Do try to stay cool while telling that next personal story.

Most of the stories we remember begin with “Once upon a time” or “There I was.” If you’re an aspiring professional facilitator or storyteller, then do visit MAFN or a Toastmasters club soon.

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