There’s an APP for that …

In Cartooning, Communication, sharpen the saw, time management, Toastmasters on July 16, 2012 at 12:34 am

Time and time again — particularly in sports — you’ll hear coaches, commentators, and the common fan talk about how the best teams master the fundamentals of the game and then raise the bar to advance to even higher levels of performance.  When a big league ballplayer is in a slump he’ll head for the batting cage and go back to the basics.  Stance, the position of one’s hands on the bat, how high to hold the bat, how long to remain coiled before releasing the power of ones hips, shoulders, and wrists.  Keep your head down.  Keep your eyes on the ball.  Watch the ball hit the bat. Yes, you’ve got to masters the basics before you become an all star.

So after those 10,000 hours of practice on the fundamentals of your trade, then what?  If you’re a Toastmaster, you go and find yourself an advanced club.  Here is where the standards are higher, the evaluations more pointed, and the time spent rehearsing in the mirror, in your car during your commute to and from the office, and then on stage begin to truly pay off.  And when you find a GOOD advanced club, “magic” happens.

When it comes to “presentation magic,” Charles Greene III claims there’s an APP for that. Know your Audience, Prepare, and Practice. Regardless your field or industry, these are the 3 magic keys to improving your presentation skills.


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