Is EQ > IQ in the age of social media? (Part 1)

In Active Learning, Cartooning, Communication, leadership on January 11, 2013 at 5:57 pm

Okay … Work with me here … I’ve recently participated in 2 seemingly unrelated events but some how, some way in my mind they’re connected.  My understanding isn’t completely clear.  Think of this as a near complete jigsaw puzzle or mosaic.  Please read on …

Situation #1 … Annual trips to the doctors’ and dentist’s offices for regular check ups and normal “maintenance.”

Doctor: How’s it going?  How’s work?  How’s the diet & exercise coming along?

Me: Okay … I’m out there hustling and trying to grow my practice while also launching a new training company.  Oh yeah, I’ve been exercising pretty regularly but the holiday season is filled with treats.

Doctor: How are you marketing your practice?  I’ve been to a few networking events and it seems that these are events — are filled with folks rushing about, handing out business cards, and saying, “Hire me, hire me.”

Me: Yes there is a lot of self-promotion out there.  It tough to avoid this trap.  I think you’ve got to pay-it-forward and then hope for the best.

Repeat this situation / scenario at the dentist’s office but imagine me trying to reply to his questions with sharp objects scraping my teeth.

Situations #2 … A few days ago I was co-facilitating a workshop for a roomful of aspiring leaders who are also members of Toastmasters International.  The title of the workshop was “Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Leadership.”  The district governor graceously introduced my presentation partner, Cynthia Miller, and I.  We had prepped the room.  We had informally walked about the room asking folks to post a sticky dot on the wall to assess their familiarity with the topic.  We also collected audience expectations using post-it notes.  The workshop was a success and the district governor not only thanked us but presented a crystal clear trophy to the both of us as a thank you.  (See the images below for a visual overview of our agenda.)

Okay, so what’s the connection?  How are these two situations related?

My premise or hunch … Today we have oh-so-many avenues to use to market and/or advertise our services.  Traditional TV & radio are costly but there’s also public access and web-based production options.  Keeping up with social media can quickly overwhelm you if you’re a small business owner and/or a seeker of goods and services.  Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., etc., etc.  All these outlets for folks to post to and/or follow.

This may explain why oh-so-many discussion topics and/or on-line groups seem to be filled with one post after the other asking the audience to check out my blog, or go to my webpage, or visit me at ______, or “friend” me on _____, “connect” with me on _____.  You get the idea.

So what would the Emotionally Intelligent thing to do be?

Here’s where I’m going to pause and simply ask you for your thoughts.  I’ve got a hunch or two about this.  Instead, I’m sharing the images below.  Think of these images and this post as a multidimensional puzzle.  Think of this as a test of BOTH your IQ and your EQ.


The agenda was prepared in a continuous roll or cartoon strip format.

The agenda was prepared in a continuous roll or cartoon strip format.

Visual Agenda: Panel 1

Visual Agenda: Panel 1

Panel 2

Panel 2

Panel 3

Panel 3

Panel 4

Panel 4

Panel 5 (The End)

Panel 5 (The End)



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