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This is a GR8! book by Hugh MacLeod of

This is a GR8! book by Hugh MacLeod of

I don’t write as many book reviews as I once did.  There was a time when I was reviewing professional books for a small journal called ARMY R&D.  But that journal was merged/discontinued as budget cuts affected the government’s publishing arm and as more and more articles and publications were moved on-line.
But earlier today I received a note from Amazon which hints that one of my more recent reviews actually helped another reader (see below). Yay! Glad to be of service to at least one other person in this world.
Dear John Lesko,
Your latest review has just gone live on Amazon. We and millions of shoppers on Amazon appreciate the time you took to write about your experience with this item.
Your reviewing stats
Reviews written: 4

Reviewer rank: 1,353,933
Helpful votes: 1

Of course learning that my reviewer ranking is only 1,353,933 can take the wind out of your sails. But to know that my thoughts, my review helped at least one other — that made my day.

Ignore everybody who tells you that the marketplace is too large and too competitive. Try today to help just one other person with making a decision, completing a task, or running an errand.

  1. John, I have been following your advice. I was a reviewer for the Linking Rings magazine of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. I was always thrilled when I got a note from someone saying that my review helped them to decide or not decide to buy a magic effect. But then Toastmasters got in the way. After several busy TM months where I did not submit a magic review, I was summarily ‘fired.” I miss doing magic reviews but you have given me a new idea – book reviews. As always, thanks. Keep the good ideas flowing. Paul

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