Looking back at NaPoWriMo ’13

In Communication, Leave Your Comfort Zone on May 2, 2013 at 7:08 pm

Looking back at 2013’s National Poetry Writing Month I discovered that there are a lot of gifted poets out there.  Many posted their work through the NaPoWriMo’13 blog space.  I’m sure that others did not. The motivation of poets is as varied as their work.  Some write a poem because they intend to publish it.  Others write a poem and then convert it  into lyrics for a song.  But many simply write because they must.

I found it interesting that more folks visited my website during April due to my posting haiku via Twitter.  I’ve no idea if these new followers will continue to visit my Twitter feed or my blog site.  I hope they do.  So why did I accept the challenge of writing 30 poems in 30 days?  And why pick haiku?

Well, looking back at NaPoWriMo ’13 … I think it was for the drill.  Much like ancient samurai worked out at the dojo and then took time to rake sand and rock in their Zen gardens, I thought I’d try to re-connect with my observational self and craft some poetry along the way.

NaPoWriMo ’13 = Thirty poems I / did create in thirty days. / My haiku kata.

Samurai Poet

Yes, there’s still a great need for continued practice.




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