It may not be a license to kill (like James Bond) but my license is good thru 2017

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It may not be a license to kill, but my license is good through 2017.

It may not be a license to kill, but my license is good through 2017.

Excuse me as I share with you good news and a bit of a celebration.

Today I learned of my re-certification — as a Certified Professional Facilitator — by the International Association of Facilitators. This extends my license to serve & through 2017.  Yay!

And if you’re still reading this blog, may I share with you a little secret?

I wish that anyone who needs assistance with designing and executing an important meeting, workshop, symposium, or conference would promise to only hire professional facilitators.

Why?  Because those who earn their “CPF” have demonstrated that they have the core competencies required to do the job.

For a list of these professionals do visit

Okay, I’m stepping off my soap box.  Thanks for listening.

  1. This will be my 3rd re-up and my last. They have shortened time between certifications. Interesting Congrats. C

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    • Hmmmm … I hadn’t noticed … I wonder if this is indicative of the changing nature of facilitation -or- somehow related to trying to keep pace with other organizations which require re-certification -or- there’s a need for a revenue stream to sustain IAF?

  2. John, good post. Cynthia

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  3. Hi, John
    Congratulations on your license renewal!!

    Best Regards

    Ivonne Y. Martens
    Conference Center Scheduling: (703) 253- 1440
    Fax: (703) 253-1385
    SAFTAS A-Team Conference and Innovation Center
    “Your gateway to successful and professional meetings”

  4. Hi there – I agree totally with your comment although more especially with regards to education and training. I am of British origin (with family still in Manchester) and living in South Africa. The laws and rules here are very lax and therefore there are lots of people and companies who are perpetuating the cycle of bad education. Unfortunately for me my “soap box” words have been ringing in my ears as I am seeking accreditation through a system which is not fixed. I have facilitation and training experience and am attempting to formalise it through RPL (the British Accreditation of Prior Learning) and while doing personal research have learned what an art it is am learning all the time. In South Africa especially with the diversity it is a challenge and the more experienced and knowledgeable the facilitator, the better it is for the candidates/students.

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