What would you do?

In Active Learning, Aikido, Confidence Course Facilitator, facilitation skills, leadership, Leave Your Comfort Zone, What would YOU do on September 21, 2013 at 5:20 pm
What would you do if faced with an attacker armed with a knife?

What would you do if faced with an attacker armed with a knife or gun?

Last week I found myself facilitating a number of 1 hour, 50 minute experiential learning workshops as a part of the George Mason University 100 course. These sessions — affectionately referred to as our “EDGE on Wheels” program — were held on the lawn between Mason Hall and the Pond. We were blessed with beautiful weather and hundreds of first year students passed through our program working on what some might call “life skills.”

There are 13 competencies covered in the University 100 program. Here are seven (the other six deal specifically with academic integrity or knowledge & use of university services):

– to critically evaluate information both in and out of the classroom in order to make valid, sound decisions on your own
– becoming responsible and involved members of the community
– to be safe
– to be healthy, both physically and mentally
– living, working, and learning respectfully with people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs
– to feel comfortable and safe in your environment
– to increase self-awareness.

So why share this list here on this blog?

Well, in light of the fact that we within the greater DC metro area were affected by the mass shootings at the Washington Navy Yard -and- I am also leading this weekend’s aikido classes; pause for a moment to ask yourself “How would you react to a true life-or-death situation?”

Are you capable of making potentially life-saving decisions with but a moment’s notice?

Just how fit, physically and mentally, are you?

Are you comfortable with being uncomfortable?

Have you learned how to quickly center yourself or take a team breath and then deal with life’s crazy challenges?


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