On Certifications

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What does it mean to be certified?

Does having a sting of letters behind your name make you more or less attractive to a potential employer, a purchasing officer, your peers, or the average man or woman you may meet on the street?

Why do we pursue certification in our selected profession?

Some same we are becoming a nation and an economy driven by or dominated by (over) specialization.  What say you?

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: having met the official requirements that are needed to do particular type of work

: officially approved as having met a standard

: real or genuine

1: having earned certification
2: genuine, authentic

Examples of CERTIFIED

You must be certified in order to practice medicine.
The carpentry work must be done by someone who is certified for the job.
The food is certified kosher.
Her boyfriend’s a certified weirdo.


bona fide, certifiable, authentic, dinkum [Australian & New Zealand], echt, genuine, honest, pukka (also pucka), real, right, sure-enough, true

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Some professions require that you become re-certified by demonstrating a commitment to continued professional development.

Some professions require that you become re-certified and commit  to continued professional development.

I hope this certificate isn't discounted by Governor McDonnell's current legal troubles.

I hope this certificate isn’t discounted by Governor Rob McDonnell’s current legal troubles.

  1. I’m not certified, but many people have said I’m certifiable…. 😉

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