In Aha!, Cartooning, Epiphanies, Luck on February 24, 2014 at 3:17 pm

Inspiration comes from many sources. Sometimes you wake up at 2:27 AM with a flash of an idea, triggered by a dream, or resulting from hours or even days of toil. Other times you may be reading the morning paper and come across a cartoon or headline that resonates with you in a way that connects the dots. Here’s an example of the later …

iFREELANCE_Vol 1_Issue 1

And in the spirit of sharing ideas about what works for you, please comment on this post or answer any of the following questions:

– Where do you find your “Aha!” moments or epiphanies?

– What price are you willing to pay for help?

– And where on the typical computer keyboard, smart phone or tablet do you find the symbol for “cent”?














  1. Okay … I just couldn’t wait for anyone to answer that last question. For those of you who work on an iMAC or MacBook Pro; go to “Edit –> Special Characters –> Currency Symbols” to find “¢.”

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