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cartoon self portrait and title of my newest book

cartoon self portrait and title of my newest book

Yes, I’m still enjoying the afterglow from the “birth of my book.” Yes, I still feel like a proud papa. Unfortunately, I’ve run out of cigars as too many of my old Army buddies put in early claims for the stogies available.

So what’s new? Why post another story so closely spaced after my last?

Simply put …

Yesterday I was lucky to present a workshop to members of Toastmasters International. Specifically, I was an educational speaker at the District 27 Spring Conference held at the Crystal City Marriott, Arlington, Virginia. This was a “safe” audience in that I’ve been a Toastmaster for nearly two decades. Many of the stories from my book, Facilitating Genius, have been shared with club-level audiences. And for the most part, Toastmasters want a speaker to succeed and to grow. For those not familiar with Toastmasters International, please do check out their website here.

Those in the publishing business suggest that authors talk up their book. They suggest that you promote to as many audiences that will accept you as a speaker. So yesterday, I took this advice and addressed a roomful of people with whom I was comfortable. And do you know what?!?!

I learned a lot from this audience. No one fell asleep. There were a few folks who stayed after my workshop was done to ask more questions. And — lo and behold — there also were folks who wanted to buy a copy of my book.



And at the risk of being chastised for too much self promotion … Since my post of April 26, more on-line book stores have picked up this title.

Available at …

– eBookIt! …

– Amazon …

– Barnes & Noble …

– Apple iTunes … genre/books

– Google Play … store/books

– Kobo …

– Baker & Taylor’s …

– Ingram … eBookMall.


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