It’s Like Riding a Bike: Highlights from the MAFN DC Workshop, May 29

In Active Learning, Coaching, Confidence Course Facilitator, Facilitating Genius, facilitation skills, High Ropes Course, leadership, Leave Your Comfort Zone, Mid-Atlantic Facilitators Network, teamwork on June 2, 2015 at 4:47 pm

Here are select images from last week’s MAFN DC Workshop. Most of these images are from my slide deck. A few were taken with my iPhone camera, e.g., participants passing the hula hoop and the props carried in a MAFN backpack. For those who attended this event, please consider taking your clients outside and perhaps to a challenge course such as “The EDGE.” For those who missed out on this workshop, drop me a line and I’ll fill you in on what you missed. JL



MAFN DC Workshop May 29_2015.001MAFN DC Workshop May 29_2015.003MAFN DC Workshop May 29_2015.005MAFN DC Workshop May 29_2015.007MAFN DC Workshop May 29_2015.010MAFN DC Workshop May 29_2015.012MAFN DC Workshop May 29_2015.013MAFN DC Workshop May 29_2015.014IMG_5036 IMG_5038MAFN DC Workshop May 29_2015.020 MAFN DC Workshop May 29_2015.023 MAFN DC Workshop May 29_2015.029 MAFN DC Workshop May 29_2015.031 MAFN DC Workshop May 29_2015.033

All the props fit into a small backpack.

All the props fit into a small backpack.


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