How BIG is the audience? How do you prepare to address a full house?

In Active Learning, Facilitating Genius, Toastmasters on August 7, 2015 at 3:02 pm
Cool beans!

Cool beans!

Wow! First the news about my book becoming an eBookIt-Best Seller in June and just yesterday I learned that my workshops at the Prince William County School District‘s Excellence and Equity in Education conference are ‘sold out.’ Note: I’ve placed ‘sold out’ in quotes because this is a pro-bono event for educators — teachers, specialists, and administrators — in the 2nd largest school district in Virginia. The (E)3 conference is next Thursday, 8-13-15.

On a related note, this will most likely be my largest audience, to date. It’s time to get those public speaking butterflies to fly in formation, yes?

Now what?

  • When preparing for a presentation or workshop, how much research do you do on your audience?
  • To whom do you speak before the event to make sure your message will be on point and well received?
  • If asked to present a workshop more than once at a conference, how do you keep each session fresh?

I sure am glad that I’m a member of Toastmasters International. Now where did I put my manuals on speaking to inform, presenting a technical topic to a non-technical audience, and the entertaining speaker?

Yes, I’d love to hear from you. How do you prepare when asked to present to a full house? What tips and techniques do you rely on as you ready yourself for a public speaking engagement?

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The Back Story … When I first wrote Facilitating Genius, I thought that it might have the potential to serve as a reference for educators. The theory of multiple intelligences has been used by educators for decades. My book has between its covers two dozen (plus) stories of genius achievement, 17 worksheets, and literally hundreds if not thousands of questions for teachers to use in their classrooms while inspiring and instructing their students. Fingers are crossed. I hope to share teacher reactions after the EEE conference in a future blog post. – JL


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