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There are 3 types of people in the US today

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In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m borrowing a title from one of my past blog posts to see if I get any near as many visitors or readers as I did when I wrote There are 3 types of people in the world. So here goes …

Check out the link to Tax Day Freebies  below.

Check out the link to Tax Day Freebies below.

Today is Tax Day 2015. And, I figure that there are 3 types of people in the United States:

Type 1: Those who have already filed their tax returns with the IRS and have either received a refund or have settled up with paying “Uncle Sam” what he is owed. I do hope that your refund was large enough for you to treat yourself, perhaps enjoying a good meal out with family or friends. For those who owe money to Uncle Sam, read on.

Type 2: Those who are weighing the PROs and CONs of requesting an extension. To whom I say, “good luck.” Do consult a trusted tax advisor and from what others have told me, it’s a wise two-part strategy to a) ask for the extension, and b) pay what you can as early as you can so as to avoid additional penalties and to minimize interest-related fees.

… For anyone who’s looking to eat free or enjoy a discount on Tax Day meals, check out: How to Eat for Free on Tax Day.

Type 3: Those who wish that the US Congress will cut the budget for the IRS. This may be so that the IRS cannot chase down the average citizen who avoids, struggles, or refuses to pay their fair share in taxes. Others may say that we should keep IRS staffers busy enforcing the laws that govern corporate tax collection.

… Where do I stand? Into which category do I fit?

At one time or another, I’ve fallen into each type. This year the return was filed early and a small refund was sent and received. Luckily, not all of it has been spent. In other years, my wife and I have owed Uncle Sam and/or needed more time to account for our taxes. And as for Type 3 thinking. I’m all for funding the IRS just enough to do their jobs — and not a penny more!


Into the Woods

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INTO THE WOODS.001How often do you place yourself in new territory?

How often to you venture into the unknown?

When all alone in a place you’ve never visited before, what knowledge, tools, or techniques do you use to find your way back to a safe place?

And when you stop to think about it, are we ever truly in mortal danger? Hmmmm … Perhaps there’s the one in a million chance that a tree limb might fall and end your hike. But are we not better served to focus on simply listening to the wind or keeping our eyes and ears open for signs of wild life while enjoying ourselves on a sunny day hiking peacefully in a National Park?

NOTE: Not all tales conclude with “happily ever after.” But until you take those first few steps, you’ll never know how the story ends let alone enjoy the journey.


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"You may be whatever you resolve to be." -- Thomas Jonathan Jackson

“You may be whatever you resolve to be.” — Thomas Jonathan Jackson

This is the time of year when many folks are on vacation or they check into work only to realize that their colleagues are still on vacation. So what does one do when the real work, the  collaborative team work cannot be done?

Well, you may decide to dive into that project that only you can do when you’re not interrupted by others. Or, you might pull out a clean sheet of paper and create a list under a title or scribble called:
New Years Resolutions,
Resolve in 2015,
Goals for the New Year, or (simply)

Those who go about making up their minds in a well-researched and organized way, one might GOOGLE the terms: resolutions or goal-setting just to see what’s trending. Nearly every news agency or media house has a feature story entitled “the top ten ____ for 2015” or (if they have one-half the space) “five secrets to success in the new year.”

The persistent folks among us might pull out their list from last year, assuming that they’ve kept these lists and haven’t yet crossed off all that was imagined last winter. 2015 will become an extension of 2014. Alternatively, that which didn’t get done last year may never get done and new obsessions will likely replace old fixations on how to perfect ourselves via healthier choices, stronger relationships, or an uncluttered house.

Regardless the category of people you best relate to, do yourself a favor and try to keep your list short and sweet. You are more likely to accomplish your goals if they are few in number and you can focus your attention and energy on completing one, two, or no more than three goals.

Success in the new year may be based on early victories and creating good habits. And who says that we have to start our year with such lists? Why not pause every couple of months to check on our progress, re-evaluate the costs/benefits of accomplishing these projects, and perhaps start anew.

Resolutions are like plans. It is not the resolution or the plan that’s important but the resolve you bring to your daily planning that ultimately pays off.


Additional helpful / interesting websites: … for those looking to the US government for advice on making their resolutions … for my fellow Pittsburgh Steelers fans looking for guidance on what to do between playoff games … for my Toastmaster friends and those who enjoy reviewing lists of accomplishments from the past year

Make time to clean, mend, and iron out life’s small problems

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The rain allows time
for mending, ironing, and
following the way.

It's time to mend this old gi and find again the pleats in this hakama.

It’s time to mend this old gi and find again the pleats in this hakama.

Cleaned, pressed, and folded as best I can remember how.

Cleaned, pressed, and folded as best I can remember how.

Got purpose?

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Our intentionality rules our actions and determines most outcomes.

Our intentionality rules our actions and determines most outcomes.

Do what you intend.
Think that you can and you will.
Think you can’t, you won’t.

First we crawl, walk, run.

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First we crawl, walk, run.
Then come kata, waza, do.
Aikido unites.

... a new project for the new year. Hope to see you on the mat.

… a new project for the new year. Hope to see you on the mat.


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Where do you find your positive energy?

Where do you find your positive energy?

40-Plus DC
provides energy to all
in need of a job.

Kudos to Tom DiGiovanni who was the Monday Morning Speaker today at 40-Plus DC. His message was on the mark and supplied plenty of positive energy to those in attendance.

Emma’s big day

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Angels smiled today
at another Christening.
Families unite.



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So what’s stopping you?

Imagine what we could accomplish if …

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Imagine what we could accomplish if we simply got everyone 'all aboard.'

Imagine what we could accomplish if we simply got everyone ‘all aboard.’

There’s an activity used at many challenge courses called the “All Aboard.” Envision in your mind’s eye a set of platforms that vary from 3-foot x 3-foot, down to say a square foot. Have a group of participants figure out a way to balance themselves on this platform. Now imagine an even smaller platform like the one in this photo. No, I’m not asking how many angels might dance on the head of a pin. Yes, I am asking that one imagine what could be accomplished is we all got our thoughts aligned and ‘all aboard’ with a shared goal or intention.