It's time to get organized and do something with all I collected at #CCC2015.

It’s time to get organized and do something with all I collected at #CCC2015.

Wow! I just attended my 2nd Capital Coaches Conference and this morning dumped all the books, brochures, and business cards onto the kitchen island so as to make sense of it all. CCC2015 was sponsored by the DC Chapter of the ICF. It was truly a great event! In a way, I’m still basking in the after glow. And, on the other hand, I feel a little overwhelmed.

The conference organizers have e-mailed to me an invitation to complete a post-conference survey. I’ll complete that ASAP and before my memory fades. I’ve got a stack of new books to read that will keep me busy for weeks. I’m looking forward to using that new deck of cards — picked up from the Coaching Toys store — at my next group team-building gig.

… I wonder what else I should add to my TO DO list to best leverage all that I learned.

Friendly follow-ups need to be timely. At the conference, we all collected business cards, perhaps made a new Facebook friend or two, and Tweeted our followers. The ICF-DC social media team suggested that we tag a few images with #CCC2015. But these images, like most of what’s posted to social media, are ephemeral. What to do with those business cards?

Notes to self:

1) Before week’s end, send a personal follow-up to everyone you’ve met. Set up a phone call with those with whom you specifically want to do business. Set up a face to face meeting with all whom you want to build a relationship.
2) Pay it forward. You gained new insight, learned a few new techniques, been inspired, and made new contacts. It’s time to share with my fellow co-workers, colleagues, and friends. Okay, this Linked-In post is a start. What else can I do?

Of course! Let’s ask anyone who might read this blog-post for suggestions, tips, and ideas. Post this to the GMUCC yahoo group and elsewhere. So if you’ve read this post this far, that’s your cue.

  • What do you do after attending a conference?
  • What follow up actions have worked well?
  • What after-action steps were a waste of time?

… And when should we get together for that cup of coffee?

My graphic recording from CCC2015 focused on our keynote speakers' comments.

My graphic recording from CCC2015 focused on our keynote speakers’ comments.