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Make time to clean, mend, and iron out life’s small problems

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The rain allows time
for mending, ironing, and
following the way.

It's time to mend this old gi and find again the pleats in this hakama.

It’s time to mend this old gi and find again the pleats in this hakama.

Cleaned, pressed, and folded as best I can remember how.

Cleaned, pressed, and folded as best I can remember how.


Try, try, again!

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When life knocks you down,
stand back up and keep trying.
Never, ever, quit.

Never, ever, quit.

Never, ever, quit.

Thinking about the Bread of Life

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Open box & activate yeast.

Open box & activate yeast.

Mix dough & let it rise.

Mix dough & let it rise.

Shape loaf & bake.

Shape loaf & bake.

Slice & enjoy.

Slice & enjoy.

It is time to bake.
First we awaken the yeast;
then bread becomes life.

Another haiku for April 12

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Today the sun shined upon The Global Academy as we learned of two significant PR wins.

Today the sun shined upon The Global Academy as we learned of two significant PR wins.

Join us at The Global Academy for Extraordinary Teams and Leaders.

Who knew those birds could shoot?

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The men play tonight and the women play tomorrow for the NCAA Div 1 championship. Who would have known?

The men play tonight and the women play tomorrow for the NCAA Div 1 championship. Who would have known?

Haiku are easy

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#NaMoWriMo 2013 - April 4

#NaMoWriMo 2013 – April 4

2012 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 6,200 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 10 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Don’t Just Find Another Job, Start a Business

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Here are a few visual artifacts from the 40 Plus DC Monday Morning Workshop featuring Stephanie Lewis of The Entrepreneur’s Source.

56% of workers dream of owning their own business. Only 5% eventually do.

56% of workers dream of owning their own business. Only 5% eventually do.

Interesting facts and highlights from today’s session include:

– 56% of all workers dream of owning their own business and becoming their own boss. Only 5% ever follow through with such dreams.

– Roughly 80% of independent businesses fail to anticipate the real costs — both in money and emotions — required to make their business “a go.”

– 90% of what we fear, never happens.  Therefore 9 out of 10 times, FEAR stands for “False-Evidence-Appearing-Real.”

Of course there were a number of people this morning who commented that when you ARE your own boss, there’s no one to complain about when things don’t go as planned.  Starting your own business is a lot of work and those who do so successfully seek assistance from others, find a good partner, and are always looking to improve their businesses in a systematic way.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  And that the harder a business owner works the luckier they become.


On the alignment of “lucky stars”

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Venus and Jupiter March 2012

A neighbor and good friend of mine the other night pointed up into the sky and said, “Check out Venus and Jupiter.” 

So I just had to ask, “How do you know that’s Venus and Jupiter?  Are you some sort of astronaut or astronomer?”

He quipped, “Well, I am an officer in the Air Force and we do rule the skies.”

We laughed about this corny joke and he went on to say something about this alignment being called the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter.   So I pulled out my iPhone and captured the image seen here.  Later I dropped the  jpeg-file into some slideware, add a few labels, arrows, and a photo credit … And voilà!  We’ve got the subject of today’s blog post.  But what is it about unseasonably warm weather  in mid-March and/or the alignment of “two stars” that captures our imagination?  What makes us feel that this sign in the heavens may bring us good luck?

Julius Caesar wasn’t so lucky on the Ides of March.  And if you’ve been following the economic news of countries such as Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain you’d have to ask, “Just how lucky are those stars?”  And if the whole story be shared here, I was recently at a party and overheard someone say that St. Patrick is needed still in Ireland — to round up a few snakes who’ve plunged their economy into the state it’s in.  Excuse me, I digress or perhaps that fellow was spreading a little Blarney.

So what’s the point and how is this all related to the focus of this blog?

Facilitators, discussion leaders, managers, and others are many times faced with explaining or helping groups discern between matters of fact (science) and matters of opinion (based on superstition, the reading tea leaves, or the alignment of the stars).  How do you deal with the irrational or the superstition?  How do you account for luck and its role in decision-making?  Please, if you’ve read this far, do comment on this post.  And if you’re interested in my thoughts …

Well, one of my favorite quotes on the alignment or conjunction of work and luck has been attributed to our Third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.  He said …

“I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”


All tips are appreciated. Thank you.

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Whoa! Check out the line in front of the local Starbucks.

 Have you ever wondered why so many people line up nearly every morning to pay what some folks claim are premium prices for a tall cup of coffee and a scone?  I know that I have nearly each time I pass by my local Starbucks. 

Have you ever wondered what exactly is in that latte?  Are these folks “nuts”?  Are they addicts?  Or is there something else to be learned from companies such as Starbucks?

Hmmmm … So if you’d like to have people queued up in front of your store front ready to open their wallets and pay you for seemingly pedestrian goods served with a friendly smile and human touch read on.  And if you’re in the professional services industry, take a tip from from me and pause to study the grounds upon which client satisfaction is built.

Because … “L.A.T.T.E.” stands for the following: 

Listen. Do you concentrate on what your clients or customers say for understanding, tune out distractions, and not interrupt?
•.Apologize. Can you express understanding and empathy for your client’s or customer’s experience or perception?
Take responsibility. Do you promise to accept ownership of your client’s or customer’s issues, and personally commit to their satisfaction?
Take action.  Do you become your client’s or customer’s advocate to address, resolve and satisfy their concerns?
Easy feedback.   How will you keep your clients or customers informed and communicate transparently?

Oh yeah … There’s no obligation to tip your facilitator-coach.  We appreciate you dropping by to read today’s blog post.  Besides, your satisfaction in my business is job one.  It’s important that you come back to visit again.  Please do comment below if you like what’s being served.

That said … A few coins or a bill slipped into the “good karma jar” are greatly appreciated by this aspiring business-best-selling-author, consultant, and part-time barista.