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Some Groups ‘Nail It’ and Some Just Don’t

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A few weeks ago, I posted to my blog a short political comment entitled: Some Groups ‘Nail It’ and Then There’s Congress For those who missed it &/or are interested, visit …

This week, while serving as a challenge course facilitator at The EDGE, I watched a different group of students wrestle with the same puzzle. Here (unfortunately) is the closest they came to meeting their challenge.

Some groups 'nail it' while others just don't.

Some groups ‘nail it’ while others just don’t.

So in the spirit of learning from both high performing groups and from those who might be dysfunctional, consider the following:

a) What’s most needed to encourage a group to think outside the box and find a solution?
b) Why is it that some groups succeed while others simply give up trying?
c) What is it about fifth graders that enable them to find a way?


Imagine what we could accomplish if …

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Imagine what we could accomplish if we simply got everyone 'all aboard.'

Imagine what we could accomplish if we simply got everyone ‘all aboard.’

There’s an activity used at many challenge courses called the “All Aboard.” Envision in your mind’s eye a set of platforms that vary from 3-foot x 3-foot, down to say a square foot. Have a group of participants figure out a way to balance themselves on this platform. Now imagine an even smaller platform like the one in this photo. No, I’m not asking how many angels might dance on the head of a pin. Yes, I am asking that one imagine what could be accomplished is we all got our thoughts aligned and ‘all aboard’ with a shared goal or intention.

Some Groups Just ‘Nail It’ and Then There’s Congress

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What allows some groups to just 'nail it' and others to struggle?

What allows some groups to just ‘nail it’ and others to struggle?

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to lead a group of truly outstanding young problem-solvers. This group was inquisitive, energetic, genuinely curious, and surprisingly cooperative. No one had ever seen the ‘Nail It’ puzzle before. No one had access to their smart phone to ‘google a solution.’ Instead, this group of 13 youngsters sat down around a stump and simply figured it out.

Such days lift your spirit and remind me that there is hope for tomorrow’s problems to be solved creatively and cooperatively.

(Political footnote) Yes, I too am upset with how Congress cannot reach a solution to reaching consensus around a continuing resolution and/or passing a budget. Furloughing civil servants and closing our National Parks isn’t an acceptable option. Hmmmm … I wonder if our elected representatives might learn from these youngsters by visiting a challenge course or a local school. I wonder sometimes if they smarter than a group of fifth graders.

What’s in a name?

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What's in a name?

What’s in a name?

Saw a story about how the United States is populated by people with similar names. Yes, the Smiths and the Jones are well represented on both coasts. Look closely and you’ll see from where the Garcias and the Andersons hail.

Of course if the National Geographic Society and the Census Bureau (and perhaps the National Security Agency) were to team up, we’d then see a map where you might be able to zoom in and find names such as Abayasekara, Brandel, Cavallari, DeFreitas, or (even) Lesko.

How long do you think it will be before we can search the web and cherry pick from The Cloud all which we seek to learn about another? And does this thought excite or scare you?

Make a Memory

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We have the ability to create and alter our memories.

We have the ability to create and alter our memories.

While watching an episode of “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman” I found myself doodling. I do this from time to time to practice my graphic recording skills as well as help me remember ideas that need remembering. Sometimes my doodles are literal recordings and other times they are remote associations between what I see and hear versus what I’ve been thinking about lately. The sketch above falls in the later category.

You can “connect the dots” if you wish.

* Neuroplasticity
* Journaling (see also
* Blogging
* Creative / Selective Memory

Please do comment if you too find ideas and concepts such as brain performance, brain training, and/or creative memory-making interesting.

Climbing at the EDGE

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The Alpine Tower is the centerpiece of the challenge course located at The EDGE.

The Alpine Tower is the centerpiece of the challenge course located at The EDGE.

Haiku are easy

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#NaMoWriMo 2013 - April 4

#NaMoWriMo 2013 – April 4