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Some Groups ‘Nail It’ and Some Just Don’t

In Facilitating Genius, Innovation on October 30, 2013 at 9:51 pm

A few weeks ago, I posted to my blog a short political comment entitled: Some Groups ‘Nail It’ and Then There’s Congress For those who missed it &/or are interested, visit …

This week, while serving as a challenge course facilitator at The EDGE, I watched a different group of students wrestle with the same puzzle. Here (unfortunately) is the closest they came to meeting their challenge.

Some groups 'nail it' while others just don't.

Some groups ‘nail it’ while others just don’t.

So in the spirit of learning from both high performing groups and from those who might be dysfunctional, consider the following:

a) What’s most needed to encourage a group to think outside the box and find a solution?
b) Why is it that some groups succeed while others simply give up trying?
c) What is it about fifth graders that enable them to find a way?