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Some Groups Just ‘Nail It’ and Then There’s Congress

In Active Listening, Communication, Confidence Course Facilitator, Facilitating Genius, Innovation on October 4, 2013 at 3:34 pm
What allows some groups to just 'nail it' and others to struggle?

What allows some groups to just ‘nail it’ and others to struggle?

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to lead a group of truly outstanding young problem-solvers. This group was inquisitive, energetic, genuinely curious, and surprisingly cooperative. No one had ever seen the ‘Nail It’ puzzle before. No one had access to their smart phone to ‘google a solution.’ Instead, this group of 13 youngsters sat down around a stump and simply figured it out.

Such days lift your spirit and remind me that there is hope for tomorrow’s problems to be solved creatively and cooperatively.

(Political footnote) Yes, I too am upset with how Congress cannot reach a solution to reaching consensus around a continuing resolution and/or passing a budget. Furloughing civil servants and closing our National Parks isn’t an acceptable option. Hmmmm … I wonder if our elected representatives might learn from these youngsters by visiting a challenge course or a local school. I wonder sometimes if they smarter than a group of fifth graders.