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discover your genius

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Here are a few additional resources; delivered as promised for my Toastmaster friends who attended the leadership elective entitled: “Discover Your Genius” on Saturday, July 14, 2018 at the District 29 –  Toastmasters Leadership Institute.

Use this chart to plot your genius profile.


Facilitating Genius: Illuminating Brilliance in Your Organization


Just a few of my favorite books on leadership.

And then there are a number of resources available from Toastmasters International. For example within the so-called traditional educational program you should definitely check out “The Leadership Excellence Series” as well as the “High Performance Leadership” project.

And in the Pathways Program, there are a number of leadership-related paths such as:

  • Dynamic Leadership
  • Effective Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Persuasive Influence, and
  • Team Collaboration.

Toastmasters Leadership Institute Elective: “The Natural Life Cycle of Clubs: Tips for Successful Club Mentors and Club Coaches

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All clubs progress along a natural growth pattern where there are opportunities for both club mentors and club coaches to assist others in achieving their goals.

All clubs progress along a natural growth pattern where there are opportunities for both club mentors and club coaches to assist others in achieving their goals.

Key concepts from this TLI elective were captured here by graphic facilitator John Lesko.

Key concepts from this TLI elective were captured here by graphic facilitator John Lesko.

Copies of the instructor’s notes and handouts follow in PDF format.

218G New Club Mentoring Matters

218F First Class Club Coach

When Pigs Fly … It could happen.

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Hmmmm … Was it years ago or simply just a few weeks ago?

That’s when I heard my “dear friend” say, “Yeah, yeah … You’ll become a published author and be interviewed on the radio — When pigs fly!”

You? You're going to be on the radio? ... Yeah, yeah ... When pigs fly!

You? You’re going to be on the radio? … Yeah, yeah … When pigs fly!


(from Brian K. Wright) … Today’s guest on Success Profiles Radio is John Lesko, author of the book “Facilitating Genius: Illuminating Brilliance In Your Organization”.

We will discussing identifying how to discover your unique genius and for those in your organization. This allows everyone to play at their highest level as often as possible.

You can listen live at 6pm Eastern at

You can also call in to participate at 866-404-6519

TogiNet Radio is an Internet talk radio network that streams live web radio programming and provides…
And at the risk of folks saying that perhaps this is too much self-promotion … This is a follow-on interview which I trace back to an earlier media event:…/116-toastmasters…

The official podcast for Toastmasters International,…|By Bo Bennett



The 3rd Way

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Here are the handouts I promised …

One page summary of my “doodles” … The 3rd Way

One page list of “thorny situations” … Thorny_Problems

Copy of the slide deck I never used but said that I’d share from the 2-hour workshop on CONFLICT RESOLUTION give to the Mid-Atlantic Facilitators Network a few years ago that contains more detail as well as a helpful bibliography … Conflict Resolution-MAFN OnLine-Feb10

For those who still need to attend training, more information can be found at …—Leadership-Institute

Sumo = Force on Force ... Aikido = Going with the flow

Sumo = Force on Force … Aikido = Going with the flow

We can fight, flee, or go w/ the flow. This illustration depicts the 3rd way to resolve conflict.

We can fight, flee, or go w/ the flow. This illustration depicts the 3rd way to resolve conflict.

D29 Area Governors’ Leadership & Team-Building Training

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D29 Area Governors' Leadership & Team-Building Training

Leadership, Team-Building, and Public Speaking — These were the topics covered by Distinguished Toastmasters Juliette Brown, Carolyn Bledsoe, and John Lesko at District 29’s Area Governor training on July 13, 2013 in Loundoun County, Virginia.

The Continuing Adventures of “Rise & Shine”

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At the request of the Public Relations Officer of District 29, Toastmasters International, three stand alone cells were created to encourage clubs to create websites and newsletters that are consistent with the TI-brand, current with late-breaking news, and as creative and fun-filled as possible.

“Rise & Shine” visit the brand portal to learn about being consistent w/ the TI brand.

Newsworthy achievements are the content for winning websites & newsletters.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted to this blog.  Time flies when you’re having fun meeting client needs, working with youngsters and young adults on a confidence course, or simply building a business.

“There I was …”

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Just before the July 4th holidaze and at the start of what seems to be our “2012 hell on Earth” heat wave, I and a roomful of my closest professional friends had the opportunity to learn about how the art of personal storytelling can improve ones business.  Like many other memorable events, this story began with “There I was …”  and ended up in a pub with the re-telling of a few stories of super-human achievement.

I hope those that follow this blog enjoy this visual artifact from a most impressive workshop led by a world champion.

To my pal, David Ross and his friend, Carolyn — Cheers!  Do try to stay cool while telling that next personal story.

Most of the stories we remember begin with “Once upon a time” or “There I was.” If you’re an aspiring professional facilitator or storyteller, then do visit MAFN or a Toastmasters club soon.

The Best Toastmasters Club in the Entire Universe

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A cake, a mural, a couple … what do these have in common?

Food, friends, and fame … What do these have in common? Things shared by members of the Lake Ridge Toastmasters Club.


Visit, and click on the FIND a club button to locate a club near your home or workplace.  The go visit this club.


The gauntlet’s been dropped.  Read on!

On the last day of the Toastmasters’ year there are literally hundreds if not thousands of clubs world wide vying for position within this international organization for recognition of individual and club achievement.  What is it about becoming the very best in any endeavor that stimulates and motivates us?

Volunteers hustle to submit award applications before the midnight deadline in organizations such as Toastmasters.  District leaders track club-level progress on metrics contained in what’s called the Distinguished Club Program.  Bragging rights are earned by all who meet and exceed their goals.

And then there are a fistful of very special clubs that year after year score a “perfect 10.”  They achieve all ten DCP goals and then they go above and beyond what most other clubs achieve. For example, in the 20 year history of Club 8913, 7 members have worked their way along the leadership track w/in the Toastmasters educational program to be elected district governors.  Two members were elected as International Directors.  Two appointed as Region Advisers.

If Toastmasters International is “where leaders are made,” then Lake Ridge is where this tagline has become a mantra for many of the most dedicated members on this planet and most likely across the entire universe.

Please let me know if you agree or disagree with this proclamation.  If you know of a club that matches or rivals the achievements of Club 8913, comment below.  And if you’re ever in the greater Washington DC area on a Wednesday night, drop in for a visit and see  for yourself if I’m exaggerating or merely stating facts.

Secrets to Humorous Speaking

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“We learn best during moments of enjoyment.”
– Dr. Ralph Smedley (1878 – 1965)
Founder of Toastmasters International

Whether you’re a trainer, coach, facilitator, program manager, corporate executive, or just someone who’d like to be listened to just a little more often than perhaps you’re listened to currently; it may be time for you to visit and join a Toastmasters club.

And if you’re already a Toastmasters or can claim, “I’ve been there.  I’ve done that.  And I do have a polo shirt that’s embroidered with the Toastmasters logo,” then consider joining an advanced club soon.

What organizations do you belong to that add to your skills in communication and/or leadership?

Where might you receive feedback from mutually supportive friends who are genuinely interested in your personal and professional progress?

Would you like  to become more effective at home, at the office, in your community, or in your place of worship?

Do you think on your feet and respond as well as you’d like to impromptu questions from your clients, your boss, your neighbors, or even strangers with whom you’d like to meet or become better acquainted?

Some say that the fear of public speaking can be more frightening than death.  Which according to the comedian Jerry Seinfeld suggests that there are some at a funeral or wake who’d rather be in the casket rather than asked to give the eulogy.

So what are you waiting for?  Invest in your self development as a communicator and leader — regardless your calling or professional bent.  Click HERE to find a club near you.  I guarantee you’ll learn something and may even enjoy it.


3 Magic Keys

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Abracadabra … You’re hired!

Here’s a summary of the free seminar offered by 40 Plus DC on May 21, 2012. Charles Greene (the third) applied the power of 3 thru-out his presentation. He captured the attention of his audience. He was definitely prepared. And obviously well practiced.